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Active View Animation Albany 4×3

Here is the past 180 day view of the Albany, OR active 4 bed, 3 bath, stick-built, on-a-lot. Best viewed on a big screen.



You can pause the video to study the summary property statistics at the top of the screen. It seems to me that this video adds support to the idea that $/SqFt is an important factor in how long it takes to move a certain property.

Send me your favorite home config and location and maybe I can make a video for you.

Let me know if you enjoy this animated view. Feel free to suggest how to improve it and make it a more relevant view for you. I am always looking for interesting and helpful views of the local market. I think the animated view, when properly focused, has potential to reveal interesting trends, complications, and challenges in the market.

Number of total actives is still below 3000 this morning at 2971.

If you have been following our Active Properties Update pages then you know that I devote a lot of attention to posting up-to-the-half-hour updates on the market. These updates include many views that I hope you find helpful. You can find the link to the  Active Properties Update pages in the main menu.

What do the config abbreviations mean?

Contact Matt for more analysis.

All numbers are based on my findings and may not agree with actual facts. Data is courtesy of Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service which represents a subset of total real estate transactions in the area. Not to be viewed as investment advice. You have to make  your own decisions.

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