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Trends for the Week ending August 10, 2013

Things happen!
Things happen!

Happenings in Mid-Willamette Valley area real estate.

We all know that the real estate market has its ups and downs. Take a look at these numbers from the Mid-WIllamette Valley and let me know what it means to you.

During the last 9 years the average price for residential real estate was about $193k (1662 sqft). The average price for a 3 bed-2 bath home was $185k (1535 sqft). The 2012 average residential was $173k [9% down] and 1702 sqft [10% up]. In 2012 a 3×2 was  $167k at 1562 sqft. The 2012 3×2 was down about 10% from the long-term average at about the same square footage.

The 2013 average price for a 3×2, so far, is $177k and 1566 sqft. The average for all residential combined for 2013 is $186k and 1704 sqft.

Last week there were 139 real estate sales and the average price for a 3 bed-2 bath was $192k at 1609 sqft (29 sales). This is up almost 8% for the year and up over 11% from last year. This matches the 10% increase in average square footage from last year.

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All numbers are based on my findings and may not agree with actual facts. Data is courtesy of Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service.

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