Active Listings Mid-Valley Real Estate Update

The Leaves of Change

Have you noticed how the real estate market changes along with the seasons?  The leaves reveal their fall beauty and inventory goes up. 

The top line shows the cyclical pattern.

Note how the top line of this chart follows the seasons. This pattern has held for several years. Let us know what you think about the reasons for this pattern?   The vertical white chart lines mark January 1 and July 1.

If you have been following our Active Properties Update pages then you know that I devote a lot of attention to posting detailed updates on the market. These updates include many views that I hope you find helpful. You can find the link to the  Active Properties Update pages in the main menu.

How to use some of the active property views

What do the config abbreviations mean?

Contact Matt for more analysis.

All numbers are based on my findings and may not agree with actual facts. Data is courtesy of Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service which represents a subset of total real estate transactions in the area mostly South of Portland and North of Eugene. Not to be viewed as investment advice. You have to make  your own decisions.

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