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Trends for the Week ending August 17, 2013

Home ownership is pure joy!

Last week there were 84 sales (see note below). The average price for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath was $211k at 1653 sqft based on 24 sales. Average 3×2 acreage was 1.9.

This compares with the previous week (ending August 10) by:

  • 3×2 total sales by number of transactions down 35% (37 -> 24)
  • 3×2 price up about 10% (192 -> 211)
  • 3×2 square footage about the same.
  • 3×2 average acreage was way down (1.9 -> 0.4)
  • 3×2 average days on market for all residential is up (122 -> 138)

Average price for all residential combined year-to-date is $186k at 1704 sqft. Last year (2012) average residential was $173k at 1703 sqft. The square footage is about the same while the 2013 year-to-date price is up $13k. Average residential days-on-market last year (2012) were 138. This year, so far, days-on-market is about 135.

Here a few more statistics comparing the last two weeks:

Residential plus acreage (not manufactured with acreage)

Ending Date, Ave $k, Ave DOM, Ave acreage, # of Sales
Aug. 17, 344, 221, 5.9, 9
Aug. 10, 340, 167, 16.7, 16

Residential (not manufactured or condo)

Ending Date, Ave $k, Ave DOM, Ave acrerage, # of Sales
Aug. 17, 184, 129, 0.20, 59
Aug. 10, 205, 127, 0.29, 93

Please note that I updated the post for the previous week. Sometimes it takes the real estate brokers a few days to get the listing data updated.

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All numbers are based on my findings and may not agree with actual facts. Data is courtesy of Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service which represents a subset of total real estate transactions in the area.

Note: Sales for the week include these real estate classes:

[table] Class, # of Sales
CI Commercial, 0
LN Bare Land, 7
LS Lease, 1
MF Multi Family, 1
MH Manufactured without Land, 2
RA Residential with Acreage (home+manufactured with acreage), 10
RE Residential (home+manufactured+condo/townhouse), 63
RT Rental, 0


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