Terms of Use

Terms of Use

By visiting StrauserHomes.com or WVRealView.com, you agree to the terms of this agreement. This agreement is subject to change at any time by The Strauser Properties, LLC

No warranty is made by The Strauser Properties, LLC regarding any information, services or products provided through or in connection with the service. The Strauser Properties, LLC hereby expressly disclaims any and all warranties, including without limitation: any warranties as to the availability, accuracy or content of information, products or services; any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Some states/provinces do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, so the above exclusion may not apply to you.

Use Restriction
The material on WVRealView.com is meant to be shared for informational, non-commercial use only. Site visitors are allowed to download and distribute banner graphics and promotional materials for the express purpose of promoting WVRealView.com. Videos appearing on The Strauser Properties, LLC or WVRealView YouTube channel may be inserted into private blogs and websites, but must link directly to the official Strauser Properties, LLC or WVRealView video on YouTube.

Your Email Address
The Strauser Properties, LLC agrees to never sell or distribute your email address to third parties. Unsubscribing from any email list does not necessarily unsubscribe you from other email lists within The Strauser Properties, LLC. Users agree to provide The Strauser Properties, LLC with an up-to-date email address.

This agreement contains the entire agreement between the visitor and The Strauser Properties, LLC regarding the use of the service, and supercedes all prior written and oral understandings and writings.

The agreement shall be governed pursuant to the laws of the state of Oregon.
The member hereby warrants and represents that he or she is in all respects qualified and competent to enter into this agreement.


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